Account Activation by Email

Tired with approve each customer when an account has been created or customer register and be activated with bad email

With this extension, when user create an account on your site, system will send a link with confirmation code to customer provided email
Customer will activate their account by themselves, an confirmation email will be sent to customer if account has been activated successfully.

# Easy to Install
# Multi Language Support
# Enable/disable from admin side (admin controllable)# Send notification email to admin after new account is activated
# Send activation email with activation code and activation link to customer provided email
# Send notification email to customer after they activated their account successfully
# Display an notified message beside email field (register form) if "Send Activation Email" is enabled.

# Compatibility to Shoppica Template.

Demo site:        Admin side:    Username/Password: demo/demo
Demo on my live site:

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Account Activation Email 1.5.0x-1.5.1x v1.5.0, v1.5.0.1, v1.5.0.2, v1.5.0.3, v1.5.0.4, v1.5.0.5, v1.5.1, v1.5.1.1, v1.5.1.2, v1.5.1.3 Download
Account Activation Email 1.5.2x v1.5.2, v1.5.2.1 Download
Account Activation Email 1.5.3x-1.5.4x v1.5.3, v1.5.3.1, v1.5.4, v1.5.4.1 Download
Account Activation Email 1.5.5x-1.5.6x v1.5.5, v1.5.5.1, v1.5.6, v1.5.6.1, v1.5.6.2, v1.5.6.3, v1.5.6.4 Download
Account Activation Email - v2.0.0.0, v2.0.1.0, v2.0.1.1 Download
Account Activation Email v2.0.2.0, v2.0.3.1 Download

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Date Added:
14 March 2012
11 September 2015
v1.5.0, v1.5.0.1, v1.5.0.2, v1.5.0.3, v1.5.0.4, v1.5.0.5, v1.5.1, v1.5.1.1, v1.5.1.2, v1.5.1.3, v1.5.2, v1.5.2.1, v1.5.3, v1.5.3.1, v1.5.4, v1.5.4.1, v1.5.5, v1.5.5.1, v1.5.6, v1.5.6.1, v1.5.6.2, v1.5.6.3, v1.5.6.4, v2.0.0.0, v2.0.1.0, v2.0.1.1, v2.0.2.0, v2.0.3.1

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